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Lightning Protection Services in michigan

Both commercial and residential structures are susceptible to the destructive forces of lightning. Beyond the obvious structural damage a building may incur, even a seemingly insignificant strike can easily destroy expensive electronic equipment and machinery. Yet, with the proper protection, such costly damage can be avoided. But, designing and implementing a protection solution for your commercial building or residence, while preserving aesthetics, is complicated and requires training and expertise. 

Residential Systems

Commercial Systems

Providing complete solutions to meet both commercial and residential needs, Michigan Lightning Protection will help design and implement a protection solution that is right for you.

Helping your business address protection in a safe, complete and proactive manner, Michigan Lightning Protection utilizes recognized safety standards from the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. By taking such an approach, you help to reduce costly downtime in your business by protecting against structural damage as well as expensive electronics and machinery damage.

Today's homes are also highly susceptible to lightning damage. The items that make up your modern lifestyle also increase your home's risk of suffering damage. Electronic systems, such as computers, alarms, electronic fences, and other modern appliances in conjunction with modern metal structures increase your risk of damage from a strike. Working closely with you, Michigan Lightning Protection can design and implement a solution that not only protects your home and family, but also preserves the aesthetics of your residence.