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Home Lightning Protection
in Michigan

Lightning Strikes Ground

When lightning strikes, its goal is to reach the ground. If there isn’t a clear path to the ground, then it will strike any electrical conductor available. This could be a phone line, pipes or any other metal conductor. Once lightning has struck a conductor, it moves through the object, transferring as needed to other conductors until it reaches the ground.

Protection Systems at a Glance

The purpose of a lightning protection system is to provide the lightning with a “safe passage” of sorts to the ground, reducing the risk of fire and electrical damage to your home. Using air terminals, cables and ground roots, our team installs this specially designed system to offer a better way for lighting to reach the ground. Although this type of protection cannot prevent a strike, it can significantly increase the safety of you and your home.

Parts of the System

Lightning protection systems are specially designed to provide a safe path for lightning to reach the ground. These systems can seem hard to understand at first, but when it comes down to it, they really only involve three main things.

Rods and Terminals

These “lightning rods” or “air terminals” absorb the initial strike of lightning when it hits. They’re normally located at different points on the roof and they “transfer” the lightning to the conductor cables.

Conductor Cables

Conductor cables connect the lightning rods to the ground rods. They’re made from highly conductive metals such as copper or aluminum and are one of the most important components of a lightning protection system.

Ground Rods

Ground rods are heavy metal rods buried deep in the earth. These rods are connected to the conductor cables and offer a safe path for the lighting. Once the lightning reaches the end of the rod, it discharges into the earth, deep enough to not cause your home any damage.

Residential Lightning Protection

Lightning protection systems can be extremely beneficial to those living in areas prone to electrical storms, as they significantly lower the risk of your home being damaged by lightning. Our friendly team of experts are trained in the installation and repairs of lighting protection systems and will answer any questions you may have. Contact our office today.